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Retail photography - "Please handle the rugs!"

Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio in Mahone Bay called on LuckyDuck for a photo shoot

Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio part timer Nan

Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio in Mahone Bay is an économusée, a 'living museum' and retail outlet where we can discover the history of a craft or trade and meet the artisans. Not only a close friend to Spruce Top founder and owner Carol, but also a close friend of the studio. Nan can often be found there practicing her craft or help others perfect their own.

rug hooking retail Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio
Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio - swatches

The main shop is home to a riot of colours - hand-dyed wool, swatches, yarns, samples, bolts of fabric - plus patterns destined to be loving transformed.

swatches for rug hooking
Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio rug hooked mat close-up

From left, photos show a bountiful bouquet of flowers - at a distance and oh-so-close!

hand dyed wool rug hooked mat sunflower detail

From left, details of the Spruce Top's selection of hand-dyed wools and a wonderful sunflower.

Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio diamond dyes display rug hooking display

Upstairs is home to a number of displays. From left: Alternative - not all mats get their start the same way; the process - from gathering clothes to turn into strips to hooking a beautiful rug with floral theme; and finally, this hanging banner encourages visitors to "Please handle the rugs!" The Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio is in Mahone Bay where it is open six days a week. (Please note, the Spruce Top website is not by LuckyDuck web design.)

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