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Lunenburg's Charles Lantz Cabinetry

restaurant cabinetry - italian dining

Charles Lantz Cabinetry was called on for their excellent cabinetry throughout Lunenburg's fine Italian restaurant -
Trattoria della Nonna. "We have known Charles for years," says restaurant owner Susan Reibling, "and any opportunity that
arises which requires wood expertise, Charles is our first choice."

custom restaurant cabinetry

This 100% custom job serves up many features that go unnoticed by most diners. The swinging door with window into the kitchen keeps it an accident-free zone. The air conditioning and controls for lighting etc. are hidden behind panels, paintings and mirrors throughout the restaurant.

designer cabinetry restaurant

CLC used solid cherry wood throughout their build - even for the stemware holder that hangs above the bar.

beautiful custom bar

Usually restaurant bars follow very straight - and predictable - lines. Not so with this beauty! The lines of the gleaming, "S" shaped bar are mirrored, and crowned, by the stemware holder above. "He was able to take my ideas," says Susan, "whether it be the fabulous cabinetry work, bar configuration or the wonderful tables you sit at, and, with his marvellous group of dedicated employees, make it all happen. His "boys," as I would call them, are professional in their own right, making sure every detail is adhered to, which speaks volumes for their relationship with Charles."

beautiful custom bar hardwood kitchen cabinetry

click photos for larger versions of this beautiful custom bar

fine restaurant cabinetry custom swinging door

click photos for larger versions of this fine restaurant cabinetry and swinging door

custom stemware holder custom stemware rack

click photos for larger versions of this beautiful custom bar with stemware rack

custom commercial cabinetry custom wall cabinets

click photos for larger versions of this custom commercial cabinetry

commercial woodworking - perfect fit!

Downstairs on the lower level, CLC's commercial woodworking is a perfect fit!

handsome barrel door handsome matching doors

click photos for larger versions of these beautiful interior doors

From left, the men's restroom features a striking barrel door, whereas the ladies' is home to matching doors.

Charles Lantz crew & comment

"The cabinet builders were Trevor Creaser, Dana Tanner and Richard Hirtle. The finisher was Brent Strong. The contractor was Cleversey's Construction. Kiesling Wood Fired Heating System Ltd did the wood fired pizza oven and stove in the lower level. Please note that all the work is done with solid cherry, even the stemware holder over the bar.

"Susan and Guenther really know what it takes to provide a comfortable, relaxing space to enjoy one's company, as always, it was a pleasure to help them accomplish what they want. Many thanks! " - Charles Lantz

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