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very chic kitchen

We've photographed 100+ kitchens by Charles Lantz Cabinetry for monthly features on his website.

He has a real knack for pleasing his clients - when I go on location, I'm "Prepared to be impressed" and I'm never disappointed.

I thought I'd seen it all - exotic hardwoods, painted kitchens, shaker cabinets, dark kitchens, white kitchens, kitchens bursting with colours, built-in design, sprawling designs fit for a house party - but for his December feature, well, it was something a little unexpected - it was ultra modern.

I called it "chic" Sue, the delighted home-owner called it "edgy" - it was a fun shoot for sure!

This collection of photos are from a shoot we did for Charles Lantz Cabinetry and Everts Lind Custom Homes.

From right: Detail of the new, spacious sunroom built by ELCH; a wonderful pine kitchen that brings to mind an old-fashioned hutch, by CLC; and the view from the inside balcony by ELCH.
sunroom detail

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beautiful pine kitchen
sunroom: indoors view from indoor balcony
atlantic canada's 1st LEED house
A number of our website clients were delighted to play a role in the building of the 1st LEED certified (platinum) house East of Montreal! They included Charles Lantz Cabinetry, Langille's Plumbing & Heating and Kinburn Property Company.
house for sale
Taking the large view is supplimented with a descriptive close-up.
front door detail house for sale
front door detail house for sale
From left, Barbara Carthew called on LuckyDuck Photography for several of her properties. Although this house was empty, the charm comes through with the composition. This dream master bathroom is by Langille's Plumbing & Heating. The photo below is of a home serviced by Langille's.
house and garden

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