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A fun day with friends - scrapbooking fundraiser

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Ramona & Lynne - doorprizers! proud grandma scrapbooks
From left, Lynn Huntley and Ramona Barkhouse pause a moment at the Mystery Boxes Department. The 12-hour Crop for Cancer showcased Lynn's fine organizational skills and raised $1,274.25 for the Roseanne Himmelman Foundation!
Carolyn Kaulback is working on a page featuring her beautiful daughter and granddaughter.
scrapbooking friends happy scrapbooker
Debbie Slaunwhite and Debbie Wamboldt are great scrapbooking buddies.
Nancy Porter's "Double Smile" says it all.
3D detail who's got the button? 1st a massage, then a hug
Carolyn Bush gives some TLC to Angela Brown - first unkinking her neck and shoulders, then a hug.
scrapbooking friends bride & her mom destined for a scrapbook
Kristie Lawrence and Anne Moss are fine friends who love to scrapbook and make cards. Lynn appreciates the time they spent helping her with Crop for Cancer preparations.
Bright Ideas! Lynn & Wayne
From left, this hard-working pair, Lynn and Wayne Huntley, make their Crops for Cancer a real fun fundraiser with plenty of prizes, good food and creativity.
Donna Countway puts finishing touches on her page.
Jenna Wentzell of Bridgewater Chiropractic gave mini-massages - from 1 - 3pm and Belinda Feener was glad she did!.
cropping for cancer bridgewater massage
crop for cancer fundraiser
Congratulations Lynn & Wayne
another successful "Crop for Cancer" - great fun, great friends, great cause!

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